I am so excited to finally be up and running after 5 months of being closed. It has been quite the journey and I have so many updates to share with you all. 

I originally intended to be open in March, but between having some health issues with my little one Weezy, and trying to find a new place to call home and navigating the COVID home buyers market, I was not successful. I packed up my shop into my trailer and had no idea where I was going to take it, or even what the future looked like. But luckily life seems to work in mysterious ways, and we found our perfect home in the beautiful town of Brantford, Ontario. On top of that Weezy is doing well and we have a new routine that allows him to breath more normally now. 

New Platform

One of the main differences you will see that I have finally made the giant scary leap off of Etsy and have my own website. Etsy just wasn’t working and I wanted to have a better online experience for both my customers and me! You can now order multiple items and have accurate shipping charges. We have a new point and reward system so everyone can earn shop credits for referring friends, creating content, and just making purchases. I even get to send you something special on your pet’s birth/gotcha day!

Easy Custom orders

You can now easily check out with a custom order request (As soon as the stay at home order is lifted in Ontario) If you are looking for a bed that is one of my standard sizes but don’t see a pattern that you like, you can now just add a custom order to your cart! The same goes for the more durable version of my custom beds. I am going to focus more of my energy on custom orders than doing seasonal releases. I’m narrowing my focus for a few reasons: I love working with customers to find the perfect pattern combos for their lifestyle and decor. At my year-end, I had a large amount of inventory for patterns that haven’t moved. This is a waste in terms of time, space in my studio and also $$$. Focusing on custom orders gives me more time to expand my product offering to include some sleep essentials for all you amazing pawrents.

If you are looking for a custom-sized order then you will still need to message me for now, but we are working on adding this feature at a later date. 

New Products and Pawrents

I have added a few new products to the site that I know pets and their parents will enjoy like compostable waste bags, Ontario grown catnip and I even have some snuffle mats in the works! I have also created a new Pawrent section that will have products that pertain to sleep just for them! My first addition is Kapok-filled pillows. I get asked all the time if I offer my beds for humans and sleeping with a Kapok pillow is the next best thing. My handsome helper and I have been testing out the Kapok pillow for a few months now and love them! It’s really improved our quality of sleep. 

I have two more products in the works that will be launching soon, including blankets and sleep sets – so keep your eyes peeled for these new additions soon to come! 

Pet Bed Improvements

Each time I relaunch after the winter break I like to take that time to listen to feedback from my community about improvements that would make their beds even better! This time around with pet beds 3.0 I have a few improvements that I know you will love! 

Larger zippers – previously I was using #3 zippers, as I could easily find them in a deadstock variety. However the kapok fibres could easily get caught in the teeth, and this made them difficult to open sometimes. I have now upgraded to a #5 sipper which is double the thickness and much stronger, making your bed easy to open and close. The one downside to this is that I can not currently find #5 zippers that are deadstock, which makes them less sustainable. However, I am supporting another small Canadian business, instead of buying them from the big guys. So right now that will have to do. 

Larger stuffing opening on medium and large beds – You spoke and I heard ya! I originally kept the same size opening that I used on the small version of my beds in the larger sizes. But this made stuffing a long and tedious process on the larger sizes. So now the opening will be longer on these sizes to make stuffing a breeze! 

Fusing the top layer to the protective twill layer – With the 2.0 launch of my beds, I added an extra layer of twill to the tops, zipper opening, and the corner seems to provide some extra durability. However, the top layer only floated on top of the twill, which could cause ripples and not protect as much as I would have liked it too. Now with beds 3.0, these two layers will be fused together for ultimate durability and no more ripples! 

COVID-19 and its effect on Small Businesses

It should come as no surprise the effect that COVID-19 has had a large impact on small businesses. Even though it has been over a year since the beginning of the pandemic, the effects are still taking a toll and will continue to do so in a number of ways besides just social distancing and your favourite local shops having to close their doors. The fact is, that the supply of raw materials and finished goods is very sparse. The pandemic has created a mismatch between supply and demand that has led to significant increases in the pricing of raw materials. These trends were then also impacted by the Texas freeze which shut down several manufacturing industries. A number of my suppliers no longer exist, and the ones that have survived are out of stock or have had to raise their prices as well. Needless to say, I have had to find a number of new suppliers for the materials that I use this year, and I like them have had to raise my pricing as well to keep my business operational. It’s not an easy thing to do as a small independent maker, but there comes a time when you have no other option. I hope that my new points and rewards system can help alleviate some of the impacts while creating a fun experience. Now more than ever it is vital to support those businesses that are small, local and doing the right thing for their communities and the environment.