Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Bed sizing

Small - suitable for cats and dogs up to 30 lbs
23"x14"x7" Inches

Medium - suitable for dogs up to 60 lbs
33"x24"x7" Inches

Large - suitable for dogs up to 90 lbs
44”x28”x7” Inches

If you can't decide between sizes, take into consideration the breed of your pet. If your pet has a longer torso or likes to sleep stretched out rather than in a ball, you may want to consider going up a size.

Custom sizes are available on custom orders.

Snuggle Sack sizing

Small - suitable for cats and dogs up to 10 lbs
21”x16” Inches

Medium - suitable for dogs up to 40 lbs
31”x24” Inches

Large - suitable for dogs up to 70 lbs
41”x28” Inches

Custom sizes are available on custom orders.


My products are packaged just for you, with the environment in mind. You'll be happy to know that our packaging is 100% recyclable and/or compostable and will contain zero plastic. Even our paper packaging tape is made from 95% post-consumer recycled content.

Custom and personalised orders

I love creating custom orders! My patterns are easily scalable so If your pet is in need of a custom size either larger or smaller than our traditional sizes just reach out.

Custom patterns/colours can also be requested, keeping in mind that due to my fabric being all upcycled I actually have to hunt for your ideal pattern combination. It’s easy for your pets bed to match the decor of your home - just send me some images of your aesthetic, and I’ll take it from there!

All custom orders are paid in advance and start at 6 week production time.

Wholesale availability

Small independent wholesale opportunities are available. Connect with me to discuss terms.

Are your products vegan? Do they use/contain any animal materials?

Not only are my pet bed shells, poopie pouches, and kitty kickers eco-friendly they are also vegan-friendly! Using 100% synthetic (polyester, nylon, etc.), and 100% plant-based (Kapok, organic cat-nip, cotton, hemp, etc.) materials. Even my label is made from unbleached organic cotton. Feel free to message me for a detailed breakdown on the item you are considering.

My snuggle sacs are made from the same materials, however at this time they currently use a real suede label, so they are not 100% vegan. Once I’ve run out of these labels then I will be switching to a natural plant-based solution. Stay Tuned!

Caring for your pet bed and other Former Fibres products.

You can find full care instructions for all my products on the care instructions page. By following our recommended care instructions you will prolong the use of your furry friend’s favourite Former Fibres product. My pet bed shells are machine washable for easy cleaning. The full care instructions vary depending on what type of filling you choose, check out my full detailed care instructions

Help, my partner/parent was trying to be helpful and put my Kapok bed in the washing machine! What can I do? Is my bed ruined?

First, this happens more than you think, hence the FAQ - all is not lost. Kapok absorbs 30x it’s own weight in water; did you know that original life vests were filled with Kapok? So it floats! This means that it is very difficult to extract all of that water from the fibres of the Kapok. There are a few things that you can do to get out all of that water.

Step #1) If you can set your washing machine to start at the spin cycle, do that with the bed inside, and do it multiple times (at least 3). If your washing machine does not have this feature try and squeeze out ad much water as you can into your laundry sink or bathtub. Using the wring towel method usually works well; be gentle during this step, we don't want to rip open any seams.

Step #2) Then stick your bed in the dryer on a medium heat setting for 30 mins.

Step #3) Once finished, take out your bed and massage the fibres from the outside, breaking apart the clumps. Repeat steps 2 & 3 a few times (at least 4). Half way through you can also add in some tennis or laundry balls to help break apart the fibres.

Step #4) If your Kapok is dry at this point then proceed to Step #5. If your bed is still fairly clumpy at this point then go outside and remove the Kapok fibres from your shell, break apart the clumps as you go and place into your Kapok Sack or a Pillow case works great too. Then stick your Kapok filled sac in the dryer and repeat Repeat steps 2 & 3 a few times (at least 4).
Step #5) Once the kapok is dry then place your bed outside in the direct sunlight with the Kapok inside. Leave out for a few hours, and flip the bed over half way through so that both sides get the sunlight.

Over time the Kapok will dry out completely and the massaging of the bed will help to break apart the fibres again. If your bed needs some more filling, there are top-ups available in the shop.

My embroidery has come loose what can I do?

Over time it is normal for embroidery to come loose, especially if your furry friend is known for “making their bed” before laying down. Not to worry a quick dab of “Liquid Stitch” on the end of the loose thread and you’re all set. Once dry you can trim off any excess thread with scissors.

Do you ever restock fabrics?

Due to using upcycled fabric, prints are extremely limited. Once a product is sold out I can not offer the same print again - there is no such thing as a re-stock in my shop

Can I send you my own fabric?

Yes! If you have unwanted textiles that are already laying around, or found the perfect sheet set at your local thrift store; why not give them another life! Own fabric orders are considered custom orders. Shipping of the fabric to my studio is at the cost of the customer, local drop off is available.

I do not however accept new fabric from retail or online shops (Fabric Land, Len’s Mill,, Spoonflower, Etsy...etc...), this defeats the purpose behind my brand of diverting unwanted textiles from the waste stream. Upon delivery of your fabric if I deem the fabric to be NEW and not repourposed, and no proof provided that your textiles are infact repurposed; your order will be canceled and refunded minus a 10% administration fee. You can either arrange to pick up your fabric from my studio, or I can deduct the shipping costs from your cancellation to return it to you.

What do you recommend stuffing my pet bed shell with if Kapok is not right for my lifestyle?

I love it when our pride members become their own zero waste hero and stuff their bed shell using unwanted textiles that you already have around the house. Sheets, blankets, shirts, sweaters and socks work great! I do not recommend purchasing pollyfill to stuff your shell as it is full of harmful chemicals that get inhaled and absorbed through your pets skin. Learn more about polyfill.

Can I purchase one of your shells to slip over my current bed?

In short, no. My product doesn’t work this way, I have a unique shape with dimples that create that hug feeling your pets love. The dimples do not allow for the cover to be slipped over your current bed. And no, I will not make a custom order that will do this - sorry. I have my reasons and it defeats the purpose behind my bed system that I have worked so hard to create. I am also only one person and I am busy creating orders for customers who embrace my products and love them as they are.

Why do you not have a slip for the stuffing, so that I can just remove that instead of the loose stuffing? Would be less messy and less work - no?

I have many reasons for this, the short answer is because I know my product. I have spent years testing and perfecting it, and taking feedback in along the way. But, most importantly Kapok is natural and it has it’s requirements too. One of which is that it needs to breathe, wrapping it in another layer of fabric, for the sake of convenience will restrict that property. The result will be a product that is rather flat and one that you are ultimately unsatisfied with. I know that my pet bed product is not for everyone, and I am completely ok with that. My snuggle sacks may be of more interest to you.

I am considering the Kapok filling for my bed, is it good for puppies? How about pets with incontinence?

Great question, while your pet is in potty training I recommend choosing the stuff your own option. As kapok is great, but it is high maintenance when it gets wet. Not to worry though, once you’ve finished your potty training then you can always purchase Kapok filling and top ups from the store when you are ready.
If your pet is dealing with incontinence then Kapok may not be right for you as it is high maintenance when it gets wet. However I do have pride members that enjoy the hypoallergenic and comforting properties of Kapok and choose to protect their bed with a waterproof sheet or mattress protector and that works great for them!

Is your Kapok certified Organic?

My Kapok meets all of the requirements to be certified organic (There is no spraying of pesticides, insecticides and no artificial watering), however there are significant costs involved with having that fancy emblem put on your product. These costs are passed directly on to the consumer. One of the requirements to acquire the GOTS Certified organic certification is purchasing over 20 tons at a time - that is is shit tone of Kapok! I have requested this from my supplier and it is something they are considering doing in the next year or so. But as a small business, this is not obtainable for me at this time.

Do you offer local pick up?

Yes! I understand that shipping is an added expense that isn’t always needed. If you are willing to pick up from my studio in Brantford you’re welcome to choose local pick up as your shipping option. My pick up times are usually in the evenings during the week, or on weekends.

Do you make beds for humans?

This one I get asked all the time! Usually my answer is that I like animals more than humans so they are the ones that get the fancy beds.