Kapok Pillow


You asked, and I listened. Now I know it’s not a full-size bed, but it’s the next best thing. Now available for my lovely paw parents – natural and organic kapok pillows! My kapok pillows are fully adjustable as they are made with a zippered case that is made of 100% GOTS certified organic sateen, making it easy to remove or add the kapok fibres to meet your desired comfort level and firmness.

Size: Standard 20×26

Firmness: Standard 2.5lbs of Kapok

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The cover is a zippered 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Sateen, that contains no flame retardants. Unlike my other products, this cover is not made from repurposed textiles, but it is still eco-friendly.

Filled with Kapok, the soft, light fibres are hypoallergenic and do retain heat.


Kapok is lighter than cotton, and is soft to the touch like down, yet provides support in a way not even synthetic materials can match. If you like sustainable products, you’ll love kapok. And if you love soft pillows, you’ll settle for nothing else. Kapok fibre is lightweight, non-allergenic, non-toxic, naturally anti-bacterial, resistant to rot and odourless. Kapok is often referred to as “vegan down” and is completely plant-based! Learn all about the unique properties of Kapok.

Please note:

Kapok may retain its natural scent for a couple of weeks, while most people LOVE the scent, others may not. What is important to know is I only use natural and organic ingredients to make your pillow and there are never any fragrances, chemicals or dyes added to the fibres or materials.

Care Instructions:

Due to the Kapok this pillow cannot be washed or submerged in water, it will ruin the consistency of the pillow and will be difficult to re-fluff. But remember Kapok naturally anti-bacterial, resistant to rot so machine washing is not required – please, spot clean only. To bring your pillow back to its desired fluffiness, you can put the pillow in the dryer on a low heat or air only setting or if weather permits, you can put your pillow out in the direct sunlight for a couple of hours as the sun is earth’s natural sanitizer. I personally only need to re-fluff my pillow every month or so.